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Where to buy IPL 3 tickets? 26

Posted on March 12, 2010 by admin

I have been asked this question repeatedly by many of my website visitors, friends, relatives etc. as to where they can buy the IPL tickets online. So, I am writing a short post about the websites where you can officially purchase DLF IPL T20 Season 3 tickets.

There are three main websites to buy the IPL tickets online:

1. Ticket Genie: Ticket Genie is being used by the official IPL website, the franchisee websites etc. it seems.

2. Book My Show: BookMyShow is also selling IPL 3 tickets online and they are the most popular online booking website in India. So, you can expect the booking and whole system to be quite smooth as they have been in the booking business (especially movie booking) for several years now. In BookMyShow, they are providing both booking of stadium tickets as well as IPL in cinema tickets it seems. They are also selling IPL and teams merchandise on their website.

3. Kyazoonga: I am not sure if normal stadium tickets would be available in Kyazoonga but they selling IPL in cinemas tickets on their website.

So, If you want to watch live in the stadium, you can book the “Sabse Bada Ticket” using the above websites. Aapne Khareeda Kya? 😉

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